April 2022 QPI Network News

Greetings, QPI Network,

It’s April and we’re showering you with fantastic QPI work updates and opportunities! This month, you’ll read about new published research and QPI site updates. It’s important that you read through to the end of this newsletter totake heed of event updates and offerings. Make sure you act now to:

  1. Early Register for the QPI Virtual National Conference by Thursday, April 14th;
  2. Register for week’s QPI Statewide Quarterly Meetings (Tuesday for Florida and Wednesday for California!); and 
  3. Register for April’s QPI Webinar because this month we’re talking about the theme for next month’s national conference: Parenting matters!

As always, you’ll see a list of what’s new on qpi4kids.org that will round up this month’s network news for you. Enjoy!