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An advocacy effort of the Youth Law Center, the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) is a national movement for foster care system change committed to ensuring that all children in care have excellent parenting and lasting relationships so they can thrive and grow.

What is QPI? 

QPI is an approach, a philosophy, and a network of sites working to transform child welfare systems. QPI is rooted in three principles: the prioritization of excellent parenting and meaningful relationships; the use of research; and putting those with lived experiences at the center of policy change. Read more here.

New Advocacy Series!

This story series Power in Partnership: Elevating Shared Parenting Policies and Practices Through The Lens of Lived Experience highlights policy and practice changes across QPI sites to support birth and foster parents working together for what is in the best interest of each child and youth. 

QPI in Action  

Sites decide for themselves how to implement QPI principles based on their unique needs and strengths. See examples of system transformation from across the country. Read more here.

A Closer Look

About QPI Sites   

QPI was launched in 2008 in Florida, and as of 2021, over 80 jurisdictions in 10 states have participated in the QPI approach. For a map of site locations and background of select states. Read more here.

Voices of QPI   

QPI is guided by those who are most directly affected by the foster care system. Participants speak regularly about their experiences with QPI and the impact it has had on their lives. Read more here.

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Starting Points: Becoming a QPI Site

Learn how child welfare jurisdictions and agencies can become part of the QPI network. Read more here.

QPI Champions

Our Champions program includes an in-depth training for advocates at a growing number of sites on QPI values, theory, and techniques. Trained QPI Champions work together to disseminate QPI in their local communities. Read more here.