Terry Harrak

QPI and Just Beginning

Terry Harrak has more than a decade of child welfare advocacy, curriculum development, training, and facilitation experience. She currently works on the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) and the Just Beginning Program (JB) at the Youth Law Center. Prior to her work at Youth Law Center, she served as Project Manager for Child Welfare League of America and Director of Youth Engagement for Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative. She has testified before Congress and elsewhere on issues pertaining to child welfare. Mrs. Harrak is the author of Guidelines for Development of Foster Care Handbooks: What Foster Youth Have to Say and co-creator of Strategic Sharing: a curriculum for youth public speaking. Mrs. Harrak created The National Foster Youth Advisory Board in 2000. The group was instrumental in the movement to increase foster youth participation in policy and advocacy. In addition to her professional experience, Terry brings her personal experience with the foster care and juvenile justice systems to her work. Mrs. Harrakā€™s personal testimony was instrumental in the passing of the Foster Care Independence Act and John H. Chafee Independent Living Program. She was invited to speak at The White House alongside First Lady Hillary Clinton at the 2000 White House Summit on Foster Care.

Terry’s QPI Why