QPI Site Work and Accomplishments

Submitting information about your QPI work helps us stay informed about sites, and lets us know how child welfare systems are changing by keeping youth in foster care at the center of service. Here are some guidelines for your submission:

* Provide concrete examples of what your site has done
* Share a story of system change illustrating the impact of QPI
* Send us materials of your work (supporting documents, photos, PowerPoints, etc.)

We also invite sites to send us a template that shows how you track of actions, results, and numbers. For example, if your site did a QPI training, then who was trained, how many attended, and what other data points can you provide from the event?

You may email supporting documents (any materials including PowerPoint, photos, and templates) to: info@qpiylc.org.

We thank you for your continued efforts to ensure children have excellent parenting. every day. We look forward to learning how the Quality Parenting Initiative is improving the lives of children and youth in foster care!

Concrete examples and a story of system change illustrating the impact of QPI. If we were talking to people who did not know about QPI, these would be the accomplishments that help people better understand it.