Louisiana Recognized QPI Partner of the Year at 23rd Annual Adoption Event

In November, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) virtually held their 23rd Annual Adoption Celebration. We love that parents working together was recognized! Read about QPI Partner of the Year, Melissa and Allen Nauss, of Orleans Region:

“Melissa and Allen Nauss are a perfect example of the Quality Parenting Initiative in action. The Nausses became certified foster parents in 2017 and, throughout the process, kept an open mind, open heart and open home to the children who were placed with them. In December 2018, they welcomed a child into their home with the understanding that the case plan was reunification. The family participated in every aspect of the case and formed a bond with the biological parents. Unfortunately, the parents were not able to be reunified with their child, but this did not stop the Nausses’ determination to support the parents. They kept communication open between the child and the parents, even after their rights were terminated. The Nausses adopted the child and invited the birth parents to the adoption and the events that were planned afterward. Melissa Nauss said QPI, an initiative Louisiana adopted in 2016, was a success in their family’s journey. Today, Nauss continues to wear her advocate’s hat, working with mothers of Grace House who are involved with DCFS. Her goal is to help them work their case plans to have a successful reunification with their children.”

First Lady Donna Hutto Edwards said, “Louisianans have weathered so much over the past year, and yet we continue to see families stepping into the gap for children in need. Their devotion and commitment are inspiring and should serve as a reminder to everyone that these are Louisiana’s children – they are yours and mine – and we are all responsible for their well-being and their future.”