QPI Minnesota in the News: Parents Working Together to Improve Child Welfare

Read about QPI advocacy in Minnesota and the resulting practice, policy, and culture changes in this fantastic article published this week in both the Imprint and Minnesota Reformer, which features our very own Carole Shauffer, and Minnesota QPI Champions Darlene Bell and Shana King.

“That’s one of our biggest hopes that we can achieve,” Darlene Bell said, “to get more homes that are culturally specific to the children that are in placement.” Shana King said her entire life might have ended up far less disrupted if the initiative had been available during her time in foster care 30 years ago. Her mother might have come to understand that her foster parents were there to support her. Her foster parents might have been more invested in preserving her relationship to her kin and tribes. “I truly believe if QPI would have been around when I was a kid,” Shana said, “I’d have a family.” We are so proud of the work and leadership of QPI Minnesota!